Which Is Better Microsoft Team or Zoom

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 Let's see which is better Microsoft Team or Zoom.

What is Microsoft Team Vs Zoom?
Microsoft Teams and Zoom are two popular video conferencing websites or apps. We all talk in groups more or less when we need to, we use Zoom or Microsoft Teams. What is the difference between these two and who has how much capacity, how strong is the security and how long can the meeting be held today?
Microsoft Team Vs Zoom Difference?

Microsoft Team

Free plans are available.

Paid plans range from $0-$20 per user per month.

The participant capacity is up to 300 people.


Available at low cost.

A 30-day free trial is available for paid plans.

Has a strong reputation for safety.


An annual subscription is required.

Can be glitchy.

Non-Microsoft app integration is limited.


Free plans are available.

Paid plans range from $14-$20 per user per month.

The participant capacity is up to 1000 people.


Excellent video and audio quality are available.

Easy to set up and use.

1000 apps integration available.


The paid plans are very expensive.

Security issues are vulnerabilities.

Free 40-minute meetings are limited.

Software Microsoft Team Zoom
Price Prices range from $0 to $20.00 per user per month and $0 to $19.99 per user per month
Participant capacity ranges 300 1000
Meeting duration is up to 60 minutes on the free plan; 24 hours 40 minutes on free plan; 30 hours on paid plans
Voice calling
Screen, app and document sharing
Whiteboard ✔ ✔ Breakout Room ✔ ✔ Customized background ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Chat ✔ ✔ Meeting Filters Available Filters for Appearance and Lighting Filters Available for Appearance and Lighting Record meeting ✔ ✔ Meeting transcripts available on Business and Enterprise plans available for scheduled meetings with payment planss Host Webinars Available with Microsoft 365 Business Standard Plan Available with Zoom Events and Webinar Plans Cloud file storage 10 GB per license on all plans 1 TB per organization to 1 GB unlimited Integration 250+ 1,000+ User reporting and analytics paid plans paid plans

Now see how many people are using it.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team users are all over the world. But it is not in Bangladesh but in foreign countries.

Microsoft Team continues with 4.6* and 5M Review.

Rated For 3+

Microsoft Teams has been downloaded by 100M+ people.


Zoom users are all over the world. In my opinion, Bangladeshi people use zoom more than Microsoft team.

Zoom is behind with 4.3* and 3M Review.

Rated for 12+

Zoom apps have been downloaded by 500M+ people.


If you consider the security aspect, Microsoft team will be ahead, their security is very strong. The possibility of their data being hacked is very less. On the other hand, zoom's security is weak, there is a possibility of their data being hacked. But Zoom is working to strengthen their security.

So what is your opinion which is better Microsoft team or Zoom must go to the comment box. In my opinion Microsoft Team is the best.

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