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Learn about some of the advantages of the Google Chrome browser

Learn about some of the advantages of the Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is currently installed on every Android mobile. At least you won't find people you don't know here on Google Chrome. Google Chrome is currently number one of the most popular browsers. The reason why Google Chrome is ahead is some special features of Google Chrome.

In today's post, we will discuss some of the benefits of Google Chrome. So let's start without further ado…

1. Simple interface: One of the main reasons for the popularity of Google Chrome is its simple user interface of Google Chrome. Since its interface is relatively simple, anyone can easily use Google Chrome for the first time. Also, because of the large number of advertisements in other browsers, people prefer those browsers at first but later abandon them. But since there are no ads in Google Chrome, people have loved it since the beginning.

2. Speed: Compared to other browsers, the speed of Google Chrome is very high. Also, there are some browsers that slow down or crash after long periods of use. But there is no such problem in google chrome, which google chrome has become more popular among users.

3. Security: Since Google Chrome is a product of Google, I hope no one doubts its security. However, Google has added many types of security features in Google Chrome considering the security of their users. If you are a Google Chrome user, no website can collect your information without your permission. As soon as you enter that website, Google Chrome will inform you about the permissions of that website. Besides, the passwords saved in Google Chrome are linked to your Gmail, so you will never lose those passwords.

4. Cross Platform Support: Google chrome is not limited to only one operating system like other operating systems. Google Chrome can be installed on all operating systems like Android, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and macOS. As a result, if you install and use Google Chrome on your mobile phone, then when you sign in using the same Gmail on another device (such as a computer or iPhone) by installing Google Chrome, all your previously set passwords, bookmarks, etc. Such Google Chrome data will be automatically transferred to your device. But you must log in with the existing Google Chrome Gmail. Google Chrome has become more popular due to Google Chrome's Sync trial.

5. Market Share: How effective Google Chrome is by looking at their market share. Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser with 60% market share. After Google Chrome entered the market in 2008 and took the top spot, no one else could occupy that position. As Google Chrome is more popular among users, authorities have tried to make Google Chrome user-friendly.

6. Update: The problem of hacking is constantly increasing on the Internet. As a result it is better for us to keep our browsers updated at all times. Meanwhile, Google Chrome is always updated. Google keeps this product updated all the time keeping in mind the security of the users. Besides, Google constantly brings new updates to make this browser user-friendly. You don't need to update Google Chrome for Windows operating system, because it updates automatically. For other operating systems you need to go to their app store and upload it.

7. Use of extensions: Another reason for the popularity of Google Chrome is the increase in the use of extensions in Google Chrome. In the computer version of Google Chrome, you can use extensions of your choice. These extensions play a very important role to use some special features of Google Chrome. Google translate extension is one of the extensions of Google Chrome. Through which you can know the meaning of any word in one click while browsing. Besides, you can download the extension of your choice from the web store of Google Chrome and use it in Google Chrome.

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What is Ransomware Virus Attack? How to prevent it?

How does it work? How do stay free from this virus?

You may well know how popular Ransomware Virus Attack is these days. But maybe you don't know how harmful this virus is! So in today's post, I will talk about this. What is Ransomware Virus Attack? How it works and how you can stay safe from it.

As we know there are several types of viruses. There are several types of hacking attacks. And among these, a virus attack is becoming very popular these days, which is called Ransomware Virus Attack. This virus is very dangerous! So you must be careful about this virus. So let's find out what this virus really is? How and when does it work? And how do you stay free from this virus!

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is basically a virus software that once installed on your computer, the hacker has complete control over your computer or laptop system. Even if it is a smartphone. If this virus gets installed on your smartphone, computer or laptop then the hacker will lock your smartphone, computer, or laptop system.

It means that the data on your computer is completely encrypted, then the hacker has full control of your computer system and you can't do anything. In such a situation, the hacker blackmails you, threatens you, and it is said that you give us so much money! If you pay this amount we will unlock your computer system, we will not delete the data in your computer system, and we will not leak your required data online if you pay us this amount of money.

If you don't pay, the hacker can delete all your data, leak it online, or misuse it. So that's basically what Ransomware is. In which the hacker takes complete control of your computer system. You cannot take any effective action at that moment and the hacker gets a chance to blackmail you. Let's find out how this virus works!

How Ransomware Works?

In a Ransomware Virus Attack, the hacker first sends you a Spam Link. It is not necessary that this link will be sent to you by e-mail! This link may come to your computer system by clicking on any Third-Party Website. Or if you click on any unknown link then this virus can come to your computer system. So here I am giving you an example of e-mail so that you can understand how this virus comes and how it works.

The hacker sends you a spam link. And that spam link has some writing and some files are given there. So whenever you download and open that file, then that software will automatically start running on your computer system. Then that software will automatically install all the viruses in the C Drive of your computer, that is, the viruses created by the hacker, the commands created, and the shells created will be automatically installed in the C Drive of your computer system.

So these are the viruses that the hacker created. Then several registries will be added to the registry of your computer which is needed by the hacker. With which the hacker can access your computer system. So whenever all these tasks are completed then automatically your computer is connected with Hacker. And the hacker can access your computer system and encrypt all the data in your computer system, and lock your computer after encrypting. Due to this, you cannot access your own computer.

The simple thing is that then you will not have any control over your own computer, it will be with the hacker. And from here all the problems will start from blackmail.

So basically this is Ransomware Virus Attack and this is how it works. Now maybe you understand what this virus is and how it works. Now let's know how you can be free from it.

How it be protected?

 1. Backup your system data

The first way to stay free from this virus is to back up your computer system. It is not necessary that you keep a backup of your computer system. You can back up that computer system to another system as well.

This is because in the case in future a hacker hacks your computer system and deletes all your data. Then you can restore your data with backup. Just like you download an app from the Play Store on your Android phone and back it up so that you don't have to re-download it when you need it again later.


2. Don't install unknown software


The second method is to stay free from this virus that you do not install any kind of unknown software on your computer system. Be it on your smartphone. Or you don't click on any unknown link, about which you have little or no idea. Do not make these mistakes so that you do not become a victim of Ransomware viruses.

If you see any such unknown software on your computer system then I highly recommend you uninstall that unknown software.

3. Don't Download Unknown Files on E-mail


If you receive any kind of e-mail and you see that some files are attached to that e-mail. Then you will not download those files by mistake.

If you get an e-mail from someone you don't know and it says Special Offer! Get the premium version of this app for free just for you! etc. Then you don't take those words seriously to download. If someone you know or a friend sends you such an e-mail, think about it and then make a decision. Or if the such e-mail comes from an official company, check first and then decide.

4. Turn on the Firewall

An effective way to stay free from Ransomware Virus attacks is to turn on Firewall. You must turn on the firewall on your computer or laptop if you haven't already.

This is because if you keep Firewall active on your computer or laptop then hackers cannot directly attack your computer system. First, you need to get past the firewall.

You can also use Paid Antivirus Software on your computer. Which is more secure. If you use some kind of free antivirus software and you have very useful data on your computer and you want them not to be hacked then install some paid software. Avoid using any Cracked Antivirus Software.

What is Focus Mode on Android Smartphones?

What is Focus Mode on Android Smartphones?

Today's world is changing day by day along with increasing technology. Plus tech brands don't want us to stay away from their products or devices. So they add the latest technologies to their devices. My topic today is basically about a feature or function of Android smartphones. If your smartphone's Android version is updated, you may notice that your smartphone has a feature or function called Focus Mode. Sometimes prolonged use of smartphones can affect or affect your mental mood and health. So to get relief from this basically the beginning of this feature or option. In today's topic, I will try to discuss in detail about the real-life benefits of focus mode on Android and how to apply it in our daily life.

What is Focus Mode?

I am sure you all are familiar with the Do Not Disturb mode. Through which all types of notifications are stopped and notifications can also be stopped for specific contact numbers. Some of these features and some other features are basically the beginning of Focus Mode. This mod basically started from Android version 10. Starting from Android version 10 onwards, all mobile brands refer to it as Focus Mode. It is named Zen Mode only in OnePlus brand mobiles.

Features of Focus Mode:

Focus mode keeps you away from excessive addiction to your phone and helps you stay “focused” on your work. Now if you are an Android user then you can have two types of focus modes. One is the focus mode provided by mobile brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, etc. and another is another different focus mode provided by the Android operating system or software. Android's Focus Mood has some additional features from the brand's Focus Mood. Note that some brands of devices have both these focus modes the same.

Features of popular and best mobile brand Focus Mood:

You get a timer that features 180 minutes (3 hours) to set the time depending on how long you want to be away from the phone.

A feature to completely turn off notifications from all apps.

Features soothing background sounds to keep the mind calm and focus on a task. Usually, 4 sounds are provided but different brands may offer more.

Enable Focus Mode on Android:

Focus Mode on Android mobiles can be found under Digital Wellbeing in Settings. Also, if you want to launch it easily, you can take the help of the smartphone's notification panel. Because it is added there.

Go to the mobile settings option to turn on the focus mode. Then click on Digital Wellbeing & parental controls option. Then notice the option called Focus Mode in the Ways to disconnect section and turn it on.

Note here that the method may be different in version Veda. For example, two categories have been created in focus mode on my mobile, and more can be created if desired. And some may not have categories. You can choose one from the category or create a new one. Then select which apps you want to include and set the time for how long you want to keep it active.

So this was basically our focus mood issue. Now let's talk about how we can use or benefit from this focus mood.

Uses of Focus Mood:

It is a function that can be used one-on-one by people of any age and profession. We can take benefit from this.

Uses of Focus Mood for Students:

If you are a student then you might be doing extra gaming, online classes, and various other things on your phone. It can completely strain your brain which can adversely affect your brain and mood. And this is not healthy at all. So I can say considering this aspect you need focus mode now. You can use it during your reading and relaxation time. Hopefully using it will have a positive impact on your daily life.

Uses of Focus Mood for working adults:

If you are a busy person then this focus mood can come in handy for you. By turning it on, you can rest in peace when you are tired of working and go to rest. Also, you can turn it on to focus on your work, such as meetings or other urgent times, so you can perform or complete your work without any disturbance.

Uses of Focus Mood for Stressed Out Mothers:

Mothers here mean a housewife. A housewife manages the whole family or house and children 24x7 hours. Doing that at some point works out the stress in them. So for mothers or housewives, the focus mode is a way to get peace of mind from all that stress. After all, a mother's health is as essential as her baby's and her family's. I think this feature of Android will be very helpful for mothers or housewives.

So this was the main content of our today's Android Focus Mood topic. Hope those who did not have any idea about this feature of Android till now have got a rough idea today. Since you have got the idea about this feature then from now on you can try it to enjoy its benefits in your real life.

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What Is iPhone, iPad Jailbreaking?

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

In today's post, I will discuss Jailbreaking. What is Jailbreaking? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Jailbreaking?

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, or if you have an iPhone and you are connected with technology and the internet then you have heard of iPhone Jailbreaking at some point.

Maybe you don't know what Jailbreaking is? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking? Today you will know that.

First of all, let's know what this Jailbreaking is? So let's say that Jailbreaking is a process through which you can break all the restrictions of the iPhone, which means you can break those restrictions.

For example, you cannot download any apps from outside on your iPhone. If you need to download any apps on your iPhone then you have to download them from the App Store. Which is the iPhone's own app store.

Secondly, if you want to download a video from the Internet, download a song, or share a file with another Android phone, then you cannot do this. etc.

Whenever you jailbreak your iPhone then an application will be installed. Named: 


How do we root Android phone and after rooting how does an app called Super User gets installed.

Just like this, if you jailbreak your iPhone, then Cydia Application will be installed there automatically. Cydia allows you to tweak or customize your iPhone automatically.

Then you can download as many apps as you want from outside. You can change the theme of your iPhone, change the notification panel, in other words, you can change anything on your iPhone.

This means you can give Super Access to your iPhone, and make necessary changes to your iPhone that Apple has restricted. Now let's know about the advantages and disadvantages of this Jailbreaking.

Advantages of Jailbreaking

• The biggest advantage of Jailbreaking is that you can tweak your iPhone.

• You can customize it according to your needs.

• You can download anything from the internet without any restrictions.

• Check File Manager – Can't check file manager on iPhone. But after jailbreaking, you can check all files through the file manager.

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking

° If you jailbreak your iPhone then your iPhone warranty will expire. It is said that but it is not. You can revert it later if you wish. It means you can remove Jailbreaking.

° The second and biggest disadvantage of this is that after Jailbreaking, the security of your iPhone will be over. As you know the iPhone is considered as a very secure device, after Jailbreaking all the security provided by Apple will be lost.

Someone can hack your iPhone, someone can send a virus to your iPhone, or any third-party application can be installed automatically.

So if these are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Jailbreaking... Now if you want to Jailbreak your iPhone, then type How to jailbreak my iPhone in Google and search by typing your iPhone model.

[Termux] How To get Free Unlimited Proxy Server

How to get free proxy of any country very easily.

Today I will show you how you can get unlimited proxy of any country very easily that too through termux.

I won't say more now. Let's get to the work.

First things you will need:

1: internet connection

2: termux app

Everyone has 2.

Now open the termux app

Now follow the commands

apt update && apt upgrade -y

git clone

cd Free-Proxy

chmod +x


Then wait a little.


Afterward, you will see the page like that

Press Enter from your phone or PC

You can see in the screenshot, how many countries you can get proxy for free.

I selected number 27 socks5.

You can select anyone you want

Then see how many proxies are coming

Cryptography (Part-2) Historic Cipher

Historical Cipher (Caesar Cipher and Visionary Cipher)

At the outset, cryptography is a very complex thing. There's different math involved, but the ones I'll teach below today are the simplest ways to encrypt and decrypt data.

The most popular category of cryptography is the cipher.

Above you can see three types of cipher - Historic, Block, and Stream cipher. These three have many branches.

In this episode we will learn and practice the Historic Cipher, so we will talk about the other branches in the next episode. But before that, you need to know the basic 6 things.

6 points are explained below:

Plain Text:

The information or text you want to hide and send is plain text.


Encryption is the method of hiding plain text.

Cipher Text:

The text that can be found after encryption is called cipher text. (Cypher and Cipher are the same)


Decryption is the process of turning cipher text into plain text.


The mathematical rules by which plain text is converted into cipher text or cipher text is converted into plain text is called an algorithm.


The number on which the algorithm is executed is called the “key” (key). This key will be known only to the customer. That means the person you send it to must know this key number, or they won't be able to decrypt it.

Let's apply the example of the last post to understand this better.

Here is Plain Text: There is 1M taka in a box in the small room.

This encryption and decryption method is: Caesar Cipher (Caesar Cipher) which is a branch of Historic Cipher.

Here the Cypher Text is: Uifsf jt 2N ublb jo b cpy jo uif tnbmm sppn.

The algorithm here is: Addition of next 1 digit.

So the key is: 1

If the person you send the text to knows that you changed 1 cell with the next one, he will get the original text by changing 1 cell less than the original text.

Now our hysterical cipher begins.

Historic Cipher

First, choose a sentence/data that we will encrypt-

Know for sharing

1. Caesar Cipher:

Caesar cipher is the text or sentence that you make a few spaces behind or ahead of the English language.

Since we have already seen 1 birth ahead, so now we will try 3 births ahead. Then if "know for sharing" is taken 3 years ahead,

k = n

n = q

o = r

w = z

I hope you understand.

Then the whole sentence stands – nqrz iru vkdulqj

Tell me, how much is the key here?

Yes, 3.

Many may ask how to take 1 house or 3 houses after Z? Answer: Start again from the beginning. That is, Z will be followed by A again. And if A is ciphered one letter back, then A will be replaced by Z, that is, it can be compared to a circle of 26 letters.

If one changes the Key to 25, then it is said to be 1 born backward. For example, if E is moved forward by 25 houses then we get D. Calculate it. So if you want to move back one row, you get two keys 25 and -1, yes -1 moved back one room.

Now I will take 2 years back.


k = i

n = l

o = m

w = u

If you write the whole sentence like this, you will get - ilmu dmp qfypgle

(Please let me know if I wrote something wrong)

If you want, you can do Caesar cipher with 1 lakh houses behind or ahead. Since it is very difficult for people to calculate so many houses, in that case, a device or software will be needed.

2. Vigenere Cipher:

For the visionary cipher, you need to follow a table. I gave below. It is almost impossible to memorize, so this table must be used every time to encrypt or decrypt.

The red marked part of the table is “Column” and the blue marked part is “Row”.

What we will encrypt now is - known for sharing

Now a key is required.

I think the key is ITshwrov

Now we will remove all the spaces. It will be convenient to encrypt. then,

Plain Text: knowforsharing (14 words)

Key: ITshwrov (8 Borns)

In the case of this type of encryption, we have to make an equal number of characters of Plain Text and Key. But no change can be made in plain text. The scope of the Key should be increased. So if we write ITshwrov twice in a row, we get - ITshwrovITshwrov were 16 characters. But due to increasing the range of keys, we will now call it key stream. We need 14 characters, so we will remove the last two characters. Therefore, I will write ITshwrovITshwrov which is 14 letters long.

(Note: you can't keep key or keystream in numbers. That is, if plain text is in the English alphabet, then the key must be kept in the English alphabet. Key can be encrypted by keeping numbers, but that method is quite complex. I understand a little bit myself, so you (not teaching that method)

Take a look at all the information.

Plain Text: knowledge sharing

Keystream: ITshwrovITshwrov


In the above figure, the red color is a column and the blue color is the row. The red letters above are our Plain Text and the blue letters on the side are our keys.

The first letter of our Plain Text is: K (red).

The first letter of our keystream is: T (nil).

Now in the red column of the vision table, we look for K and mark it as below.

Then I looked for T in the blue row of the table and marked it.

Now see which letter we got along K and T.

So, D is the first letter of our Cipher Text.

Only one letter is gone. now,

The 2nd letter of our Plain Text is: N (red).

The 2nd letter of our keystream is: R (blue).

Now as before, again in the red column of the vision table we look for N and mark it as below.

Then I looked for R in the null row of the table and marked it.

Now see which letter we got along N and R.

So, E is the 2nd letter of our Cipher Text.

The 3rd letter of our Plain Text is: O (red).

The 3rd letter of our keystream is: i (blue).

Now as before, again in the red column of the vision table we look for O and mark it as below.

Now see which letter we got along N and R.

So, E is the 2nd letter of our Cipher Text.

The 3rd letter of our Plain Text is O (red).

The 3rd letter of our keystream is i (blue).

Now as before, again in the red column of the vision table we look for O and mark it as below.

Then I searched and mark I in the null row of the table

Now see which letter we got along O and i.

So, W is the 3rd letter of our Cipher Text.

Keep doing this, again and again, then the whole cipher text will be like the below.


or, in lower case,


job done


Plain Text: knowledge sharing

Key: itshowrav

Keystream: itshwrovitshwrov

Cipher Text: dewyppulyitsoj

So far today.

I left practice for you.

I have taught Encrypt so far, and now you must use your intelligence to Decrypt.

The way you did Encrypt, it will be decrypted only if you reverse the whole process.

I taught plain text to cipher text.

Now, I will give you a small cipher text, and comment it as plain text. (I will not insist, I gave it for your practice. After learning something, if you practice it, it stays in your brain for a long time.)

Cipher text: QOFZHYA

Key: X

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Cryptography (Part-1) Definition and History

Cryptography (Part-1) Definition and History

In the beginning, I will give some detailed and basic knowledge about cryptography, and we use this cryptography a lot in our real life, but many people did not know that it is called cryptography.

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is also called Cryptology. The same thing, later explains how the two are the same.

Hiding information does not make it completely secure, it needs to be hidden to make it even more secure. Here hidden and the secret is different. Hidden means hiding from the 3rd eye, but hidden means the 3rd eye can't even see it. That is a person from whom you want to hide information, even if he sees your information, will not be able to understand or read it.

(I don't know any definition of one line, I just wrote what I understand)

Generally, cryptography is used in the English language, Bengali can also be used which is comparatively more difficult and time-consuming.


Suppose I am jealous of age or situation where there is no internet or any device. I have to write it down on paper and reach it from one person to another. Now, I want to say to my friend Saif that "There is 1M taka in a box in the small room".

But if I write it down and send it to Saif, then everyone will know. So what I will do is write on paper -

“Uifsf jt 2N ublb jo b cpy jo uif tnbmm sppn”

Now read it and tell me what you understand?

I'm sure you know what I've done by reading the 2 posts. Yes, I moved all characters forward by 1 digit. that is,

Substitute b for a

Substitute c for b

Substitute d for c

e instead of d

I wrote f instead of e.

This is how see There=Uifsf.

This is cryptography. Isn't it funny?

I really enjoy cryptography. This example is the most basic example of cryptography. If I had put 1 there instead of 2, would you have caught it in an instant? No, you had to observe for a long time. So think, even at the most basic level cryptography is increasing your brain power, how much brain will you have to use when you go to the advanced level.

(I will teach more in the next episode. Today I will only discuss history.)

Where did this word come from?

The term Cryptography or Cryptology comes from the ancient Greek words “kryptós” and “graphein” or “kryptós” and “logia”.

here, Kryptós means Hidden Secret, Graphein means To write, Logia means study.

Cryptography and Cryptology are different in meaning from a normal point of view (writing hidden secret information and reading hidden secret information) but the two resemble the same thing, "secret information", so it is called Bhagwan Gupta Vidya in Bengali to eliminate this confusion, which It means both reading and writing.

Anyone who does cryptography must be able to do cryptology. If one can do the other, it is considered together rather than separately.

What is its history?

Researchers have no exact information as to who first invented cryptography. Because the written and pictorial language was introduced thousands of years ago.

However, the one name that most research on is "hieroglyphic". Historians claim that he was the first to use cryptography in images and it was about

4JUdGzvrMFDWrUUwY3toJATSeNwjn54LkCnKBPRzDuhzi5vSepHfUckJNxRL2gjkNrSqtCoRUrEDAgRwsQvVCjZbRyFTLRNyDmT1a1boZVabout 2000 years ago. 

He uses it to hide his conversations with his security forces.

It is also most commonly used in Greek civilization. To conceal information in Greek civilization, messengers (those who sent messages) were given a fake letter and their heads were shaved the information was written with a heat marker and the information was sent when the new hair grew back.

It is also spread in India. 2 types of ciphers were also used in "Kamasutra" written by "Mallnag Vatsyayana" about 2000 years old.

According to Muslim writer “Ibn Al Nadim” also in “Sasyanid” reign two types of the script were used one “Shah Dabririya” and another “Raj Shaharia”.

Cryptography was used in many such periods and kingdoms, I don't know them all. But even if I write all the things I have in mind, it will be 2 more episodes. You can take the help of the internet or books to know the details.

However, cryptography's greatest popularity worldwide came from its use in World War II. whatever, it was also used in the First World War.

In World War I, rotor machines were used to hide information.

And in World War II, Hitler used the Colossus computer to create and use cryptographic codes

However, so far today.

Finally, I left a movie for you.

(The Da Vinci Code)

One of the world's bestselling books is "The Da Vinci Code", this movie was made based on this novel.

This movie is about cryptography. Hope you enjoy it.