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 I wish everyone the best of health. I bring you a handful of diversions today. This basic game is very enjoyable to play. It's a game in which you must kill birds with arrows.

The game is compatible with all Android phones and tablets. Even if the processor is weak and the RAM is limited, it will function. The graphics of these extremely basic games are also extremely basic. Still, many individuals include it on their list of favorites. Free time is optimal for playing. Because the games lack volume, noise, and distinct noises. There is no reason to be concerned. If you play calmly and coolly, the hours will pass by.

How does the game look? Below is a detailed explanation supported by screenshots and arrow icons.

Name: Archery Bird Hunter
Version: 2.18.5
Release on: March 15th, 2023
Updated on 16 October 2015
Required operating systems: Android 4.4.4 and later.
Downloads: 10 million plus

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Launch the game once it has downloaded. The initial display will appear like this; then, press the play button.

Then you will see many maps of this type. The first can be played for gratis. The latter will be accessed gradually, or they can be purchased with coins.

Following a press on the map, the game will begin. There, you will learn that you must pursue birds of specific colors. You can also view the number of coins you will receive for each item.

You will be accompanied by a dog. The birds will perch on the tree in the foreground. You draw the bow and fire a projectile towards the bird. The bird will fall to the ground after being struck, at which point your dog will retrieve it and place it in the enclosure.

By visiting the game store, you can purchase numerous varieties of Johnnys and update them to make them stronger.

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