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 Hot Instagram Tips

With the coming year approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to share our top Instagram recommendations for 2022.

If you've ever visited the Iconosquare blog, you'll know that we're no strangers to sharing the most up-to-date Instagram advice.

Nothing makes us happier than assisting you in implementing the most effective strategies for growing your audience and effectively marketing your business on Instagram. But, let's be honest, 2020 is a year of significant change for Instagram...... and it's most likely the biggest one this year!

Instagram not only commemorated its seventh birthday, but it also debuted Instagram Reels, a key new feature.

Then, not long after, it unveiled a new layout that has completely changed how we use and consume content on the site.

To remain on top of these shifts and make sure you're focusing on the appropriate things, we've put together a helpful list of priorities for the coming year.

Continue reading to learn about our top 11 Instagram recommendations for 2021.

Reel Production

It's indisputable now that Instagram has adjusted the app's interface allows you to reach your Reels feed on your profile.

Instagram is trying to promote video content, including Reels. The notifications tab and "new post" (+ logo) capability have been moved to the top right corner, besides its instant messages.

Instagram Reels and New Instagram shortcuts can also be inserted at the side.

All with months (and sometimes weeks) since the official launch of Instagram Reels, Instagram has clearly taken the new feature seriously.

No theatrical layouts were used to promote Instagram Posts, Live, and IGTV.

What will this mean for content creators, social media managers, and company directors using Instagram to market the product?

Making Reels is a great approach.

Instagram's steps to strengthen Reels have led to multiple accounts seeing tremendous growth and engagement.

Why don't take advantage of this?

They're easy to make once you understand the Reels platform.

To get Instagram Reels as smooth as possible, we designed step-by-step instructions.

Build a shopping Instagram.

In Tip #1, Instagram's layout has been modified to emphasize Insta Reels and Instagram purchases.

A Shopping alternative to the main page reflects a retail purpose. Instagram has been providing up since 2018.

Ecommerce platform BigCommerce published a post with several successful Instagram Shopping examples.

For illustrate, Instagram Shopping increased in traffic by 2,666% for Native Union IT and income by 20% for Magnolia Boutique clothes.


When setting up Instagram Shopping, make sure you're allowed.

After that, the remainder of the transaction is simple and easy.

Setting up Instagram Shopping will almost likely increase your company's sales and revenue.

Your account is not really a billboard to promote your items.

Rather, employ the Shopping feature with your content marketing strategy. Loyal admirers are more likely to become consumers.

Fashion label Grace And Lace said:

"Instagram is a powerhouse for visually expressing that tale and experience." It's not about advertising your product; it's about selling it."

In August 2020, Instagram will release a new service called Live Shopping in the US, which will allow brands to use Instagram Stories to market their products.

Rather than focusing on when Live Shopping will come, think about how you can use it in your Instagram marketing plan.

In order to provide more "how-to" information, companies and artists may use Live Shopping to demonstrate how things work in the real world.

Customers are more likely to respond positively to a company's marketing efforts if they seem less forced.

Analyze them a new

It's possible you've never heard of Instagram Story Highlights as a mini-website.

For this reason, we've included them in our list of the best Instagram tips for 2022. As a result, now is a perfect time to work on your Instagram Highlight.

Highlights will be utilized to show your brand's story, generate higher evaluations or testimonials, and clarify how people may buy from or interact with you.

This strategy gives your fans a reason to appreciate, respect, and believe in you.

Organize your Favorites first. Consider the path you want your followers to walk to discover more about you becoming a client or customer.

A possible order would be as follows:

Story of Us



What to buy and where to get it


The example given above may be used as a model for naming and subjecting your Favorites.

Make your colour schemes more unified by utilizing simple covers.

It's also possible to use new Instagram Stories to make edits to your older Highlights, which will remain visible on your profile forever.

So plan out your Story content for the following several weeks in advance!

Use DMs to your advantage.

The best way to warm up leads and build relationships with followers is via Instagram Direct Messages (DMs).

Adding this to your weekly advertising plans should be beneficial.

Instagram Story stickers are the best way to do this in a natural way that doesn't make you feel awkward (more on this in the next tip).

You may keep track of people's handles and DM talks in order to build these relationships and get them closer to becoming a customer.

A tracker is the most cost-effective way to do this. You may use a CRM system like Hubspot or Dubsado or a spreadsheet like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Maintaining a record of conversations and contacts is essential to ensuring that you don't miss out on a potential business opportunity.

A spreadsheet is your new secret weapon for creating relationships since Instagram's DM inbox isn't the easiest to use.

Use Story Stickers

After reading Tip #4, you may be wondering how to get people into your DMs.

You may use Story tags to answer this question:

Your Stories often make use of these stickers and the emoji slider.

Why? You may gain some inspiration from the most popular Instagram Story stickers.

Take a look at this creative use of sticker decals. You may begin by writing a Story that lets your audience vote on things like the colour of your next product or the training you'll provide.

Incorporate the poll sticker into your plot early on.

A few hours after the polls close, respond to everyone who voted. Updating with anything relevant will encourage more than a single word of reaction.

A tale like this is sure to increase your number of DMs!

Accessing the DMs would not need a forced introduction!

In the DMs, not everyone feels comfortable.

So it's up to you to find methods to show genuine interest in your target customer's day-to-day activities, habits, and preferences.

That's why tales are so effective. People will be more likely to contact you in the future if they feel more at ease doing so.

We're back with more footage!

Reels, Instagram Live, and Stories have all been referenced in this article.

In 2022, the video should be a big component of your Instagram strategy, even if it is today.

Make an effort to diversify your Instagram Reels if you haven't already.

Using video is the best way to connect with your audience. When viewers can see and hear you, it helps build trust and likeability, as well.

Video may also be used to tell stories and demonstrate processes more easily. Making engaging films doesn't need pricey gear or a dedicated studio.

The use of a stand and the proper framing is beneficial.

In order to get the ball rolling, take a look at your planned content and identify which segments would work well as Instagram Live, IGTV, or a Reel.

Each platform serves a certain purpose. Use Lives for Q&As, IGTVs for in-depth conversations, and Reels for amusing short-form video content.

When compared to static material, videos provide two distinct advantages: higher levels of engagement and a stronger sense of connection with your audience.


Instagram Live, which will be available in 2022, will have a significant impact on how performers interact with their audiences.

By 2022, this figure is expected to rise to 82%.

Video reels and new features like Live Shopping are expected to drive the demand for video.

The ability to perform in real-time fosters a closer relationship between you and your audience. Teaching, demonstrating, or answering questions with a guest speaker may be accomplished in the shortest amount of time possible with this technique.

We'll show you how to make Instagram Live videos that your fans will like in this article.

Let the year 2022 be a year of living more. Your followers' Story feeds will be notified that you are currently active.

Once you're Live, you'll be able to engage directly with your audience. A terrific way to get to know, like, and trust your followers is using this strategy!

Make slides before going live on Instagram in 2022. Involve your audience and make it easier to see your point of view. Observe your adorers.

With spam or fake accounts, tens of thousands of followers are a waste of time and energy.

However, it does not imply that your development strategy has been questionable in any way. Over time, many accounts become #fakers owing to the immoral practices utilized by others to gain popularity.

I offer an audit to get rid of fake followers, enhance engagement, and boost your online reputation.

Manually auditing the Instagram profiles of your followers is the fastest (but most time consuming) method.

Red flags to look out for include the following:

There's no picture of you on the site.

This is a huge red flag for fake accounts. Remove a follower whose profile image is blank and grey.

The content on your Instagram profile isn't too promotional or sparse.

You don't want to follow someone who publishes nothing or just spam.

Username with an unusual pattern of letters and/or digits

You should also examine the profile (does it have a profile picture?). (Does the content matter?) 

The followers/followers ratio is out of the ordinary.

This is often a sign of a spammy or fake account, so be on the lookout for it.

Remove the dead weight from your account and you'll see an increase in interaction.

It is possible to set and track specific goals rather than concentrating on the number of inactive or fraudulent followers.

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