Save files from websites directly to Google Drive [Puffin Browser]

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Save files from websites directly to Google Drive

Puffin Browser is mainly popular for its proxy management and web gaming features.

Many people may not know about web games.

Before the "Clash of Clans" game came out in 2015, gamers used to play web games on Android as online games.

Web games are online games that are programmed on a website and the data is saved there. The fun of playing PC games like “Super Mario Kart Racing” games can be brought to Android through free web gaming.

It used to require running the Flash program to play, but Puffin Browser gave us the feature to run the game without any extra programs and also provided a touch screen joystick.

However, later in 2016, Puffin added a feature called “Save to Cloud” to its web browser. Many people use it but many people don't know it. I didn't see a post about this, so I posted it and brought the mod version of the Puffin browser with it.

First, download it from below.

First, download it from below.

Size: 72 MB

Password: 12345

Link1: Google Drive

Only for Android User

Puffin Browser #Download Link1

For All User 

Puffin Browser #Download Link2


Saving to Google Drive in this way will not cut any MB of your SIM. In other words, if you upload a file of 2 GB to Google Drive like this, you will not cut any MB and will not occupy any space in the phone storage.

Note: This is not the mod for the premium version of Puffin Browser, the mod for the premium version is not possible or available now, because the developers block the internet access. This mode that I have given is the Ad-free mode of the regular version of Puffin.

However, unzip and install as below.

Now open the Puffin browser, and go to the website where you want to download the file. Suppose I want to download an App, so I went to my desired site and went to the download option.

You can also download it to Dropbox if you want. After entering Google, the login page will appear, since there is no account login. After login, you need to give some permissions. These permissions will be asked only for the first time, after that the download will start directly.

Another thing. You can download files of a maximum of 2 GB. 

Unable to download files larger than this.

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