What is Ransomware Virus Attack?

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How does it work? How do stay free from this virus?

You may well know how popular Ransomware Virus Attack is these days. But maybe you don't know how harmful this virus is! So in today's post, I will talk about this. What is Ransomware Virus Attack? How it works and how you can stay safe from it.

As we know there are several types of viruses. There are several types of hacking attacks. And among these, a virus attack is becoming very popular these days, which is called Ransomware Virus Attack. This virus is very dangerous! So you must be careful about this virus. So let's find out what this virus really is? How and when does it work? And how do you stay free from this virus!

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is basically a virus software that once installed on your computer, the hacker has complete control over your computer or laptop system. Even if it is a smartphone. If this virus gets installed on your smartphone, computer or laptop then the hacker will lock your smartphone, computer, or laptop system.

It means that the data on your computer is completely encrypted, then the hacker has full control of your computer system and you can't do anything. In such a situation, the hacker blackmails you, threatens you, and it is said that you give us so much money! If you pay this amount we will unlock your computer system, we will not delete the data in your computer system, and we will not leak your required data online if you pay us this amount of money.

If you don't pay, the hacker can delete all your data, leak it online, or misuse it. So that's basically what Ransomware is. In which the hacker takes complete control of your computer system. You cannot take any effective action at that moment and the hacker gets a chance to blackmail you. Let's find out how this virus works! 

How Ransomware Works?

In a Ransomware Virus Attack, the hacker first sends you a Spam Link. It is not necessary that this link will be sent to you by e-mail! This link may come to your computer system by clicking on any Third-Party Website. Or if you click on any unknown link then this virus can come to your computer system. So here I am giving you an example of e-mail so that you can understand how this virus comes and how it works.

The hacker sends you a spam link. And that spam link has some writing and some files are given there. So whenever you download and open that file, then that software will automatically start running on your computer system. Then that software will automatically install all the viruses in the C Drive of your computer, that is, the viruses created by the hacker, the commands created, and the shells created will be automatically installed in the C Drive of your computer system.

So these are the viruses that the hacker created. Then several registries will be added to the registry of your computer which is needed by the hacker. With which the hacker can access your computer system. So whenever all these tasks are completed then automatically your computer is connected with Hacker. And the hacker can access your computer system and encrypt all the data in your computer system, and lock your computer after encrypting. Due to this, you cannot access your own computer.

The simple thing is that then you will not have any control over your own computer, it will be with the hacker. And from here all the problems will start from blackmail.

So basically this is Ransomware Virus Attack and this is how it works. Now maybe you understand what this virus is and how it works. Now let's know how you can be free from it.

How it be protected?

 1. Backup your system data

The first way to stay free from this virus is to back up your computer system. It is not necessary that you keep a backup of your computer system. You can back up that computer system to another system as well.

This is because in the case in future a hacker hacks your computer system and deletes all your data. Then you can restore your data with a backup. Just like you download an app from the Play Store on your Android phone and back it up so that you don't have to re-download it when you need it again later.

2. Don't install unknown software

The second method is to stay free from this virus so that you do not install any kind of unknown software on your computer system. Be it on your smartphone. Or you don't click on any unknown link, about which you have little or no idea. Do not make these mistakes so that you do not become a victim of Ransomware viruses.

If you see any such unknown software on your computer system then I highly recommend you uninstall that unknown software.

3. Don't Download Unknown Files on E-mail

If you receive any kind of e-mail and you see that some files are attached to that e-mail. Then you will not download those files by mistake.

If you get an e-mail from someone you don't know and it says Special Offer! Get the premium version of this app for free just for you! etc. Then you don't take those words seriously to download. If someone you know or a friend sends you such an e-mail, think about it and then make a decision. Or if such an e-mail comes from an official company, check first and then decide.

4. Turn on the Firewall

An effective way to stay free from Ransomware Virus attacks is to turn on Firewall. You must turn on the firewall on your computer or laptop if you haven't already.

This is because if you keep Firewall active on your computer or laptop then hackers cannot directly attack your computer system. First, you need to get past the firewall.

You can also use Paid Antivirus Software on your computer. Which is more secure. If you use some kind of free antivirus software and you have very useful data on your computer and you want them not to be hacked then install some paid software. Avoid using any Cracked Antivirus Software.


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