[Termux] How To get Free Unlimited Proxy Server

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How to get free proxy of any country very easily.

Today I will show you how you can get unlimited proxy of any country very easily that too through termux.

I won't say more now. Let's get to the work.

First things you will need:

1: internet connection

2: termux app

Everyone has 2.

Now open the termux app

Now follow the commands

apt update && apt upgrade -y

git clone https://github.com/mishakorzik/Free-Proxy

cd Free-Proxy

chmod +x Setup.sh

bash Setup.sh

Then wait a little.

bash FreeProxy.sh

Afterward, you will see the page like that

Press Enter from your phone or PC

You can see in the screenshot, how many countries you can get proxy for free.

I selected number 27 socks5.

You can select anyone you want

Then see how many proxies are coming


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  1. script + http, и зачем люди программы пишут? Лажа в общем.

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