Get Microsoft Office 365 + 5TB Onedrive [Lifetime]

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Get Microsoft Office 365 + 5TB Onedrive

If you are eager to get 5 TB of Microsoft for your life you have to be followed the below steps.

As follows. Firstly go to the link,

Here is the link:

In step two you will get an email like {the children focus } copy the mail from this site; describe the problem.

Please use when creating your temporary email.

The third point. For more information, visit Microsoft's website at

The fourth point. You can use your generated email address to sign up (if yours is already in use, generate a new one).

This is five. Complete the sign-up process

The sixth point. Using fake information or even your own if you wish, you will receive a verification code on the XKX website where you created the temporary email. Then verify it with that code.

The seventh. You can skip to the next step by clicking on Start.

The eight. When the form is filled out, click the Start button. You can skip the next page by clicking it.

The ninth. If you choose Next, it will ask you for your generated email address (if it is already in use, you can create a new one). As well as more information.

The 10th. In this section, you need to fill out more information so that you can get access to your account if you accidentally lose it or forget your password.

Leaving both options enabled/set up is a good idea. You can now click finish and enjoy.

Simply click Finish and enjoy 5TB of Cloud Space and Office 365 services.

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