How To View Source Code Of Any Website

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View Source Code Of Any Website

Viewing the Source Of website is quite easy, but many still didna know how to view the source code through Phone.

What is the definition of source code?

When a programmer creates a program, he produces a set of human-readable instructions in the word processing software. A compiler converts the source code into machine code, also known as object code, which a computer can comprehend and execute. Because object code is mainly made up of 1s and 0s, it is not human readable.

If you want to see the view the source code of any you have to follow these steps

Steps to view Source Code=

▪️1. Open Chrome Browser 

▪️2. Copy the link of Your Website You want to View the Source code

▪️3. Type view-source: and then paste the website address 


Now Web Source code will be Opened.

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