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Clixsense is one of the largest paid-to-click platforms, established in 2007, letting you earn money on the internet. The company offers various ways for users to earn cash. These activities are website browsing, completing easy surveys, free offers, completing micro tasks, playing click grid, entering contests, etc. Aside from all these, you can also earn money by buying things online via these websites. There are different rates for Standard and Premium users.

The minimum payout is $6 for premium users and $8 for standard users via PayPal, payza, and wire transfer.

2. BUMP.

Similarly to the best PTC sites mentioned above, Bucksp provides great functionality. Advertising and publishing companies can both benefit from participating in this PTC site. Members can earn money by viewing websites, watching videos, filling out offers and surveys, among other activities. You can earn money just by joining and completing tasks. If you want access to advanced features and extra earning, upgrade to a premium account.

Payout Minimums:- $7 using PayPal, Payza.


GPTPlanet is another famous "paid to click" website. Almost like other PTC sites, we can register as an advertiser or member. Several offers are provided to users through which they can earn money. You can earn money by viewing ads, participating in PTCWall or GPTGRID, and performing other tasks. As well as upgrading our accounts, we can unlock earning abilities. Four levels of accounts are available: Standard, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus.

Payout minimum: $1 using Paypal, Payza, and Perfect Money.


PTC sites also benefit from Neobux. In addition to its PTC options, it has exposure systems and a wide range of ads on fixed rates. Neobux also provides many other ways to make money, including survey jobs and specific statistics on every click. You can upgrade from a standard account to a golden account to increase your chances of winning.

Our payment methods include PayPal, Payza, and Skrill.


One of the most amazing "Paid to Click" sites out there where both advertisers and earning members can participate. At Scarlet Clicks, you can make up to $0.01 per click. For tracking your earnings on this site, you can obtain detailed statistics about your activities. As a result of viewing ads and completing other tasks, you can earn money. As an option, you can also upgrade your account if you want to earn more.

You can pay out as little as $2 using Paypal and Payza.


Clixblue is a top pick when it comes to PTC sites on the Internet. Various options are provided for users to earn money online. Viewing and clicking advertisements can earn money when we finish tasks, see ads, and other ways listed on the site. Upgrades can also unlock achievements and increase earning potential. Four different levels exist - Standard, Blue World, Blue Sky, Blue Ultimate.

Bitcoin, Payeer, Payza: $5 minimum payout.


Expertise is another impressive PTC site on this list. Members can join as members, or advertisers can join as advertisers. It offers features including advertisement views, CPA leads, offer wall, icon cash, grid, referrals, and others to earn cash. Our team believes they have several tasks that can earn a user good money online. Members have three different earning opportunities and options to maximize earnings through membership, Boxer, and Eternity.

The minimum payout is $7 using Paypal, Payza, or Payeer.


As the second PTC platform on the list of the Best PTC Sites, Expresspaid provides the same functionality as the others. It has a straightforward and intuitive interface. Users need only create an account and view ads to begin earning. In addition, they offer benefits upgrades. It's possible to see which levels they account for on their official website: Standard, Professional, Express plus, Superexpress, SuperPro, Executive, Express Grand.

With Payza and OkPay, the payout minimum is $5.


PTC site Goldenclix has been growing steadily over the years. The commission rates for various tasks are good. Users can view and participate in ads, bid on contests, rent and buy referrals, and more in the online world. The site offers all the good features just like any other established PTC site. Furthermore, "instant payments" are supported. Furthermore, we can enhance the account, so earnings are higher as well.

First payout $5, then $2 via Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin.


Together with other PTC networks, Eldibux can provide a good option to earn extra money. Similar functionality is provided with an appealing interface. Among the offer types that Eldibux offers are viewing ads, buying and renting referrals, etc. We can also upgrade our free account to part-time, full-time, or businessman status.

Payouts are limited to $1 via Paypal, Payza, or Bitcoin.


One more amazing PTC platform with impressive statistics and an impressive interface. Members and advertisers alike can participate in Epicclix. We can easily earn money online by viewing ads, completing tasks similar to those we do on other PTC sites, and viewing offers. In addition, you can upgrade your account. You can also purchase and rent referrals.

Payment minimum: $4 via Payza and Bitcoin.


It is another amazing site that offers click-to-earn ads and other promotional offers & tasks to earn money online. Our membership options are either as members or advertisers. After signing up, all you need to do is view ads and complete the provided tasks for an easy way to earn money online. The same as other online advertising networks, you can upgrade your account to maximize your earnings.

Payment methods: PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin. Minimum payout of $2.



With BitcoinClicks, you can earn bitcoins through a special PTC platform. All you need to do is surf ads and complete other tasks just like you would on other PTC platforms. But on this platform, we will earn mBTC points.

Minimum Payout:- 0.10000 mBTC via Bitcoin.


The PTC site Familyclix is considered a good option for earning extra cash. Viewing ads, completing tasks, Paid To Survey, and many more features can be found under-earning money. Referral options such as buying and selling are also available.

The minimum payout is $2 using Payza, Payeer, and Bitcoin.

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